Top Shoreline Marine Accessories

Choosing the best marine accessories for your needs can be hard work. That’s why we’ve made a list of some of the best items available from Shoreline Marine for extending the life of your watercraft.

Check out our selections in the list below:

Marine Electrical Kit:
Shoreline Marine Electrical KitLet’s face it, an electrical system failure on the water can be catastrophic. Make sure you’re prepared with a well-stocked electrical kit so you can perform repairs on the fly. We recommend the Shoreline Marine Deluxe Electrical Kit.  This 338-piece kit includes butt connectors, cable clamps, male disconnects, flanged spade connectors, ring connectors, shrink tubing,  and wire ties.

Marine Epoxy:
Shoreline Marine EpoxySometimes epoxy can come in handy for last-minute repairs, whether you need to fasten something together or plug up a small leak, a good epoxy paste really can be a lifesaver on the water. We recommend Shoreline Marine 4 oz. Marine Epoxy Paste. This marine epoxy paste is for wet environment repairs and forms a weatherproof bond to fiberglass, wood, steel, aluminum, and most plastics.

Boat Fenders:
Shoreline Marine Boat Fender - BlackNo one wants to scuff up the finish on their boat when docking on a choppy day. To avoid unnecessary damage to your boat, we recommend the Shoreline Marine Inflatable Fender. This inflatable fender is made of vinyl, is black in color, and measures 4.5″x16″. It is flexible, durable and can act as an effective buffer between your boat and potential scratches and scuff marks when docked.

Boat Seat:
Whether you need add a new seat to your boat, or replace one that has seen better days, we recommend the Shoreline Marine Low Back Folding Seat. This low back folding seat is UV protected, has powder coated aluminum hinges, and is sand in color.

Marine Ladder:

Shoreline Marine LadderGetting in and out of the boat can be tricky when the water is deeper than standing depth. To help the boat re-entry process go a little more smoothly, we recommend the Shoreline Marine 3-Step Folding Aluminum Ladder. This folding aluminum ladder is coated with protective rubber, is easy to grasp, and can easily store away when not in use.

Fuel Tank:
Planning for a longer day on the water? Make sure you ration your fuel properly so you can avoid a tow back to the dock. If you think you need more space for fuel, we recommend the Shoreline Marine Portable Marine Fuel Tank. This portable marine fuel tank is EPA compliant, features a comfort grip handle, and safely holds three gallons of fuel. It can act as a main fuel tank or even as an emergency reserve tank for smaller-sized boats.

Security Padlock:

Shoreline Marine Brass PadlockIf you’re docking your boat up in an insecure location for long periods of time, you might want to consider securing your valuable equipment and hatches with a sturdy lock. We recommend the Shoreline Marine 1-½” Brass Padlock. This padlock is made of solid brass for superior corrosion resistance, and includes a hardened steel shackle for extra protection from tampering.

Check out these and an assortment of other great accessories in our boating supplies category of our online store. Did we miss a must-have marine accessory? Let us know in the comments or get in touch.

One thought on “Top Shoreline Marine Accessories

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