Useful Fishing Charts

A prepared fisherman is a successful fisherman. Having a fishing chart at your disposal can help you to be safer and better prepared for your next fishing trip. We carry a wide assortment of fishing charts on identifying fish species, bait rigging, knot tying, and fishing locations.

Saltwater Fish Identification Chart PreviewOur fish species identification charts include those covering saltwater species; freshwater species; snappers, porgies, and groupers; and, tunas and mackerel.

bait-rigging-chartOur bait rigging chart covers effective bottom rig, live bait rig, and trolling rig options that are used from Maine down through the Carolinas.

knot-tying-chartOur knot tying charts include quick-reference illustrations for how to tie an assortment of professional-level knots.

All of the aforementioned fishing charts are durable and 100 percent waterproof. They feature 3mm hard plastic lamination and can be easily rolled up to fit into your tackle box when not in use.  You can be sure that these charts are built to last.

In addition to the various identification, rigging, and knot tying charts, we carry the Outdoor Sportsman Group Fishing Chart for the Upper Keys and the Florida Bay. This chart includes 24 regional Florida fishing charts. Each one of the included charts has hot spots, GPS numbers, boat ramp locations, and fish ID illustrations. The included charts are tear-proof and waterproof.

Keep an eye out for new fishing charts. We’re always adding new inventory to our store. Do you have a useful fishing chart in mind that isn’t mentioned here? Comment or drop us a line.

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