6 Things No Fisherman Should Be Without

Every fisherman has their favorite tools and tricks that make their fishing trips as enjoyable as possible. We’ve all been caught in the middle of nowhere, wishing we hadn’t forgotten that one tool that would have made things just a little bit easier. So, we’ve put together a list of the top fishing accessories and tips that every fisherman should know and have.

Fillet Knife & Board
Fillet Knife with BoardWhen it comes to the experienced fisherman, the catch is just the beginning. Every fisherman should be able to fillet everything they catch. Having the right fillet knife and cutting board will allow you to expertly extract every ounce of meat so you can make the most out of every catch.


Polarized Sunglasses
Redbone Polarized SunglassesFor comfortable and unhindered vision of the water and surrounding area, polarized sunglasses are great not only for fisherman, but anyone with a love of the outdoors. These sunglasses are specially made with a lens coating that reduces glare reflecting off the water and other objects. They also help to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays.

Tackle Box
Ready 2 Fish Tackle BoxEvery fisherman should have a well-stocked tackle box and should know the lures and baits that work best for the types of fish in their area. A well-prepared fisherman should also have the proper fishing tools including pliers, cutters or universal tools to handle any situation. A well-stocked tackle box should also have all the essential terminal tackle equipment like backup hooks, sinkers and extra fishing line.

Repair Kit

Rod Tip Repair KitIf you want to stay on the water as long as possible, keep a repair kit in your (well-stocked) tackle box at all times. This should include replacement rod tips, pliers and screwdrivers, as well as anything you find yourself in need of when on the water – could be anything!


First Aid Kit
Fisherman's First Aid KitResponsible fishermen may never need a first aid kit, but they should always have one handy. Accidents will happen, but considering what’s in the water these days, it’s important to clean wounds immediately and thoroughly to ensure infections don’t set in and cause further pain or injury. Every first aid kit should have the proper antiseptics, ointments and bandages to ensure injuries are as clean as possible until the proper treatment can be applied – or until you’re done fishing.

A Love for the Water
Love for the waterIf we want to keep fishing our favorite watering holes, big and small, we have to show our respect by keeping them clean and free from debris, and removing it when we find it. If you’re like us, you love to visit as many beautiful fishing spots around the world as possible. We promise to keep our watering holes clean, so make sure you do the same.

These are just a few of the most important fishing accessories we feel can make your next fishing trip as smooth as possible. Share your favorite fishing accessories and stories in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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