Redbone Rods: Catching the Cure for Cystic Fibrosis

Designed by charter captains, Redbone Rods were constructed to give saltwater anglers exactly what they look for in a good rod: dependability and durability. Each rod is made of lightweight graphite and features quality parts that work together to create an enjoyable fishing experience. With supreme fishing strength, the Redbone Rod is more than just a saltwater fishing pole; it is a hope for a cure.

When charter captain, Gary Ellis, and his wife Susan found out that their newborn daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, it became their life’s mission to help fight the disease. In 1988, Ellis started organizing events such as the Redbone Celebrity Tournament Series. At this tournament, fishermen were on the hunt for redfish and bonefish, hence where their brand name ‘Redbone’ was born. The group raised $16,000 for the cause during their first run. Since then, Redbone has teamed up with Hurricane to raise more than $10 million for Cystic Fibrosis research.

Fishing Rods for a Cause

So, what’s so special about Redbone Rods? Well, despite their attractive appearance and smooth handling, these rods help support a cause. With every rod purchase, Hurricane donates a small percentage of the profits to helping find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. You don’t need to be a tournament winning fisherman or charter captain to get involved, all you have to do is purchase one of these stunning rods. Live to Fish offers 8 basic types of Redbone Rods ranging from casting to spinning, and everywhere in between. Designed for either inshore or offshore fishing, each of these premium performance rods offer supreme saltwater action. In this entry, we’ll be going over some of the basic details that make each Redbone Rod unique.

Redbone’s Inshore Fishing Rods

All Redbone Inshore Rods are made of a high modulus graphite so they’re super strong, yet still able to bend with ease. This also helps with rod sensitivity, so you can feel every move at the tips of your fingers when fishing with live bait. Generally, inshore fishing rods are meant to be used in shallow waters less than 30 meters deep. Use these rods for fishing in shallow waters such as bays, lakes, and other bodies of water that are close to land.

Inshore Casting RodsRod lengths range from 7’ to 7’6”
Inshore Spinning RodsRod lengths range from 7’ to 8’

Redbone Inshore Spinning Rod

Redbone Inshore Rod Features:

Rod Blanks Reel Seats Rod Guides Rod Handles Rod Extras
IM7 High-Modulus Graphite Fuji Graphite w/ Cushioned Hoods Fuji Aluminum Oxide Genuine Cork Triangle Hook Keeper

Redbone’s Offshore Fishing Rods

Offshore fishing rods are best for fishing in water that’s anywhere over 30 meters deep. Ideal for deep-sea fishing, these rods are better built for hooking large trophy fish such as tuna, grouper, and sharks. Each Redbone offshore rod is constructed from a high modulus graphite and features quality parts that make it a genuinely powerful rod. These rods even have special rear grips and gimbal butts to help transition your rod more easily from holder to hand.

Offshore Casting RodsRod length: 7’
Offshore Jigging/Casting Rods: Rod lengths range from: 6’ to 6’6″

Offshore Spinning RodsRod length: 7’
Offshore Jigging/Spinning Rods: Rod lengths range from: 5’6″ t0 7′

Offshore Trolling Rods: Rod length: 5’6″ to 7’

Redbone Offshore Spinning Rod

Redbone Offshore Rod Features

Rod Blanks Reel Seats Rod Guides Rod Handles Rod Extras
IM6 High-Modulus Graphite Fuji Graphite w/ Cushioned Hoods Fuji Aluminum Oxide EVA Foregrip & Slick Butt Rear Grip Gimbal Butt

Redbone’s Fly Fishing Rods

Designed for the fly fisherman, the Redbone Fly Rod features a sturdy, 9’ body constructed of high modulus graphite. 

Fly RodsRod length: 9’

Redbone Fly Rod Features:

Rod Blanks Reel Seats Rod Guides Rod Handles Rod Extras
IM7 High-Modulus Graphite Steel Snake Guides Aluminum Oxide with Locking Ring Genuine Cork Protective Travel Case & Sleeve

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Each of the above listed rods come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Redbone, you just need to make sure that you register your rod online to ensure coverage.

Live to Fish also offers free returns for up to one-year on all Redbone Rods, provided they are unused and in their original packaging. Learn more about our returns policy.

Have questions?
We’re ready to answer any Redbone Rod or other product questions that you may have. Just give us a call at 1-844-9-FISHIN or drop us a line on our contact page.

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