Night Fishing for Big Predators

A few of us from made a midnight run out on the gulf to see what was lurking below. The weather was beautiful, water was calm, and the chum was fresh. Armed with the right gear, we were ready, willing and able to fight some of the largest predators that dare to cross our path.

Gear Used

For this trip, we used a Redbone Medium-Heavy Rod with a Penn 4500 Spinfisher V spinning reel. For fishing line, we used 40 lb. Test Mono from Hurricane. We added three feet of  Malin Nylon Coated Steel Leader to the end of the line and topped the whole thing off with a nice big circle hook.

Bait & Technique

We used a couple of chum blocks in a mesh bag to bring the sharks in and drive up activity around the boat. Pinfish caught earlier that day were an ideal bait for the circumstances. Visibility can be a challenge when fishing at night, so we used balloons as bobbers and filled them with glow sticks. This technique helps with identifying strikes on your line in dark lighting conditions.

The Catch

blacktipWe caught quite a few blacktip sharks that evening. Blacktips are fairly common in Florida coastal waters and can reach up to 8ft in length. Although we didn’t catch anything that large, they sure put up a hell of a fight and we did manage to get a shot with one of the smaller catches of the night.

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